Widening Participation 2000-02

A partnership initiative with Chelsea College of Art and Design, incorporating undergraduate involvement into projects, establishment of a higher education mentoring scheme for young people in East London, and a postgraduate placement with The Art of Change.

One-to-one NewVic

The impact of a new Widening Participation government initiative developed to address to address discrepancies in the take-up of higher education, was heralded by the Arts and the Learning City conference organised by Adrian Chappel of the London Arts board. Through this Loraine Leeson recognised the potential of adding a further learning dimension for students through her projects, while providing mentors to participants. She sought funding from the London Institute and began to involve undergraduates in projects at the same time as setting up a post-graduate placement, through which Anne-Marie Pereira de Mello realised her MA in Design for the Environment at Chelsea College of Art. This became a precursor to the Cascade mentering scheme that Loraine subsequently developed at University of East London.