Warsaw Conf

2022 No Stone Unturned, ELIA Biennial Conference 2022, Helsinki, Finland.

2022 Active Energy: bringing local knowledge into the public realm at Ecoart in Action: Fostering Social and Ecological Change (online), WEAD, Oakland California.

2020 Living Well: health, wellbeing and the built environment, Middlesex University, London.

2019 Building Complicities: Collaborative artistic practices, Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona (keynote).

2019 Art as a tool for social change: The Docklands Community Poster Project and its legacy, Royal l Docks l Works, London.

2019 For Walls with Tongues, University of Greenwich, London.
Social Art Summit, Site Gallery, Sheffield.

2018 Photomontage Then and Now, Four Corners, London.

2018 Activisms and Artivisms, Create/Feminisms, Middlesex University.

2018 Communalities, urbanities and artistic commonalities, Birkbeck University of London.

2018 Co-creation as a Strategy for Change, Co-Creation Network, University of Bath.

2017 For Walls with Tongues, Whitechapel Gallery, London.

2017 Delirium and Resistance, Showroom Gallery, London.

2017 The World Transformed, Momentum Fringe Labour Party Conference, Fabrica, Brighton

2017 Confluence: Public Art and the Thames, Thames Tunnel Shaft, Brunel Museum.

2017 The Unlimited Edition Live! London Festival of Architecture, Underdog Gallery.

2017 Places in Flux and the Place for Art, V&A Lansbury Micro Museum, London.

2017 Top down meets bottom up in post-industrial regeneration, Riverside Museum Glasgow

2016 Feeding the Insatiable, Dartington Hall.

2016 The World Transformed, Momentum Fringe Labour Party Conference,The Black-e, Liverpool

2016 Four Corners: 40 years of film in East London, Four Corners Gallery, London.

2016 Public Exposures, OCAD University,Toronto.

2016 How to Do It (H2DI), King’s College, London

2016 The Practicing Feminist, Tate Britain

2015 Deadline Festival, Tate Modern. London

2015 A Greater London: The GLC Story, the Rag Factory, London

2015 Community Arts? Learning from the legacy of artists’ social initiatives, The Black-e, Liverpool

2015 Storming the Citadels, Birkbeck University of London.

2014 Creative Citizens, Royal College of Art, London.

2014 The Impossible Constellation, University of Lincoln.

2014 Art, Recognition and Social Science: Re-Thinking (E)valuation, AHRC: Cultural Intermediation: Connecting Communities in the Creative Urban Economy, Liverpool Central Library.

2014 Curating Community? The Relational and Agonistic Value of Participatory Arts in Superdiverse Localities, Goldsmiths University of London at Centre for Creative Collaboration, London.

2014 Just What makes our Art Schools so Different? ICA, London.

2014 Designing a Better Future: A Participatory Platform for Exchange, CAA 102nd Annual Conference, Chicago

2014 The Art and Politics of Social Engagement, Tetley Project Space, Leeds

2013 Activating the Gap between Knowledge and Imagination, Middlesex University, London.

2012 Sustainable Communities, CREST, London (Keynote)

2012 London: City of Paradox, University of East London

2012 Project Logic, Goldsmiths University of London

2012 Politics of Participation and Collaborative Practice, University of East London

2012 On the Edge, Museum of London Docklands

2012 Improvised, Included, Uncovered, Goldsmiths University of London

2011 Participants United, University of Central Lancashire

2011 Art in Urban Revitalization, University of Washington, Tacoma

2010 Inspiring Digital Engagement, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield

2010 Place Beyond Place, Harris Museum, Preston (keynote)

2009 Cultural Negotiations, International University of Andalucia, Granada

2009 Artist Educator Innovations: The Changing Nature of Artist Educators’ work in a Global Economy, CAA 97th Annual Conference, Los Angeles

2009 Archiving the Everyday, CCSR, University of East London

2008 Reversible Actions, Centre d’Art i Creació Contemporània. Vic, Catalonia

2008 Visible Rights, Cultural Agents Initiative, Harvard University

2008 Communities and Territories, American University of Beirut 2008 Dialogical Practices, Esbaluard, Museu d’Art Modern, Palma, Majorca

2008 On the Margins of Technology, SPACE Gallery, London

2007 Archiving: An Accident of Practice? Interface Institute, Belfast

2007 Public Art: What For? Who For? Farset Centre, Belfast

2006 Kultur der Differenz, Haus der Kunst, Munich

2006 Community Cultural Development: Communities and Regeneration, Museum of Granollers, Spain

2006 City Collaborations, City Arts, Dublin

2006 Young People – New Places for Learning, Leisure and Living: are we getting it right? University of East London

2006 Host Cities: Education, Culture and Regeneration, Excel, London

2006 Producing Public(s): debates on art and the public sphere, Interface Institute, University of Ulster, Belfast

2005 Das Rad Erfinden (Inventing the Wheel), NGBK, Berlin

2005 Real Estate Agents: Action through Communication, ICA London

2005 Evolving the Future, Darwin Summer Symposium, Shrewsbury

2004 Artist as Activist, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

2004 Art in Context: International Perspectives, Columbia College, Chicago

2004 The Middle Ground, Bourneville Centre for Visual Arts, Birmingham

2003 Cultural Diversity in Post-Colonial Britain, Zagreb and Pula, Croatia

2002 England’s Streaming, FACT, Liverpool

2002 Message in a Bottle, 3rd European Festival of Learning Cities and Regions, BALTIC, Gateshead

2002 Knowledge Economy, University of East London

2002 Arcadia Revisited, Holbourne Museum of Art, Bath

2002 Really Youthful Knowledge, University of East London

2001 Arts and the Learning City, British Library, London

2000 Public Art – making it work, National Sculpture Factory, Dublin

2000 Open, Arts Council of England, Roundhouse London

2000 347 minutes, ideas and experimentation, Whitechapel Gallery, London

2000 NSEAD Millennium Conference, Watershed Media Centre, Bristol

2000 Children, Photography and Digital Technology, Stills Gallery, Edinburgh

1999 Looking Outside: Public Art Now, Institute of Contempory Art (ICA), London

1999 Changing Views of Public Spaces, Royal College of Art, London

1998 Across the Boundaries, Action for Children’s Arts, Nottingham

1997 Vital Links, Arts Council of Ontario, Toronto

1997 The Artist, the Citizen, the Entrepreneur, Council of Europe, London

1997 Virtue and Vulgarity, University of Reading

1995 Expanding Meanings in Public Art, Ikon Gallery Birmingham

1994 Critical Practices, Middlesex University

1987Local, Impressions Gallery, York

1987 State of the Art, Laing Gallery, Newcastle

1985 Art and the Urban Environment, Syntax, Calgary, Alberta

1984 Social Space, Banff Centre, Alberta

1983 Cultural Politics and Visual Representation, Polytecnic of Central London

1979 Art Politics & Ideology, Dartington College, Devon

1979 Whose Art, What Society?, Art & Research Exchange, Belfast

1978 5 Polemics, CEAC, Toronto

1977 Planning and Cultural Identity, Free International University, Documenta 6, Kassel

1977 Art Activity in the Context of Reality, Galeria Remont, Warsaw

1977 Art and Society, Ecole Sociologique Interrogative, Paris

1977 Art and Politics, AIR Gallery London