The Young Person’s Guide to East London 2008-12

A media project for young people that led to the production of online and newspaper guides for young visitors to the Olympic Host Boroughs

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This online and free newspaper guide was created by hundreds of teenagers from the five Olympic host boroughs, who made innovative and exciting contributions to this expandable resource for young visitors to East London in 2012 and beyond. Over five years participants drew on their local expertise to identify what they considered best in their communities, which would also be exciting and accessible for others in the 11-19 age group. The project offered a means for young people to take ownership and demonstrate pride in their neighbourhoods, while becoming further informed about their own locality and the changing local landscape. They learned new media skills while creating a real resource for an age group often overlooked in visitor information and played a collaborative role in the development of an innovative product around a unique event. At the same time they gained confidence and self-esteem through seeing their work and ideas valued by thousands of people online and on the streets.

YPG2EL Process1

The original concept for the project developed out of feedback from young people involved in The Young Person’s Guide to the Royal Docks and the next plan is to extend it globally through YPG2world to create a global network of youth guides to facilitate international dialogue and exchange.

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