Lambeth Floating Marsh Project team

On this page are short introductions to the Lambeth Floating Marsh project team.

Dr. Loraine Leeson

Loraine-LeesonVisual artist with over thirty years experience in community-based art practice. Senior Research Fellow at University of Westminster, Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University and previously Fulbright scholar in residence at University of Washington.

Loraine is also director of the arts charity cSPACE. Loraine is co-creator of the project with scientist Nithin Rai.



Dr. Nithin Rai

02-NithinTrained as a biophysical chemist, Nithin has special interest in marine biodiversity and co-owns the Tamesis Dock barge, the site of Lambeth Floating Marsh.

Nithin’s company has constructed the reed bed baskets and he has been responsible for gathering and inspecting water samples. He will be supervising ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the installation.



Dr. Linda Percy

03-Linda-PercyBased in the Department of Life Sciences, Linda is a phycologist whose has worked on the EU project SEED and has undertaken research in the US, at the Anderson laboratory at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and at the Erdner laboratory at the Marine Science Institute, Texas. Previously, Linda spent a number of years at the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science researching harmful marine microalgae and biotoxins in shellfish, which was the topic of her PhD research. Her input on the Lambeth Floating Marsh project has been with microscopy, imaging and identification of micro organisms found within water samples from the project location, which were then analysed at the University of Westminster laboratories.



Dr. Tony Madgwick

04-Tony-MadgewickCourse Leader for MSc Cellular Pathology at University of Westminster with particular expertise in cellular pathology in biomedical science, statistics and digital pathology in education. He currently chairs the organising committee of the IBMS London Cellular Pathology Discussion Group. Tony originally graduated with an honours degree in Zoology and has retained an active interest in freshwater and terrestrial invertebrates. He has co-led on the microscopy and imaging aspect of the project, isolating and identifying zooplankton from the river water samples.



Sean Lewis

05-Sean-LewisArtist and visual effects specialist with expertise in compositing, simulations and animation in film and TV, Sean is interested in educating himself and other people in the sciences through appealing to audiences on a visual level, making sense of things that otherwise remain insular within scientific circles.

On this project he has been responsible for creating the video for the embankment projections.