The Art of Change 1991-2002

The visual arts organisation The Art of Change developed out of the Docklands Community Poster Project, from which it learned key lessons. Importantly it built on methods of engagement giving voice to those with first-hand knowledge of issues, and a pro-active approach to creating alternatives rather than relying on protest in its cultural activism.

Awakenings Detail

The redevelopment of East London remained a key focus, though this time the work concentrated more specifically on the impact that changes in the urban environment were having upon quality of life and cultural identity. Projects were created for the public domain that included work with young people, initiatives around issues of sustainability, and public artworks based on community consultation. These were increasingly realised through the emerging technologies of that time, firstly through digital imaging, then exploring the potential of the developing Internet. The projects West Meets East, Between Family Lines and Awakenings were all produced during this period.

A team of skilled professionals that included designer Dini Lallah, business and marketing expert Bob Harris and financial guru Margaret Trotter, was led by artists Loraine Leeson and Peter Dunn, who each developed a series of collaborative and participatory projects.