Docklands Roadshow

The London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC) was the second urban development corporation to be established by the Thatcher government following their return to power in 1979.


It was regarded as a test bed where conservative policies could be enacted without recourse to local democratic processes. It required a special act of parliament, finally passed in 1980 after much deliberation, through both parliamentary houses. New Urban Development Corporations were being set up all over the country, and as the London re-development progressed, the communities of Docklands wanted to send a warning, together with the benefit of their campaigning experience, to others facing a similar situation.

Stratford Town Hall

To this end, late in the eighties, the exhibitions, photo-murals, photographs, posters, banners, leaflets, articles, plans and other documents produced during the course of the Docklands campaigning were organised together under the banner of the Docklands Roadshow.A package was offered whereby an exhibition accompanied by speakers including community activists and professionals, could be hired to bring relevant information to other locations. The Docklands Roadshow in various combinations toured locally and nationally, as well as taking the Docklands experience abroad to Amsterdam and Berlin.Exhibition interior