Between Family Lines 1994

Four-projector tape-slide production and exhibition co-authored by Loraine Leeson and Karen Merkel that explores the importance of culture in the lives of five women from diverse backgrounds. The artists worked through the Women Against Fundamentalism group in London to reach women who had suffered under fundamentalism in their family lives.


Sara – an Iranian Muslim, was in exile for many years. She became an outspoken critic of the regime in Iran and campaigned for women’s rights, also angry that her Iranian culture almost disappeared under the weight of the Islamic Republic.


Ann – an Irish Catholic, decided rebellion was the solution to her early life in a convent where she fought against the nuns. She has been a political activist ever since, concentrating on fighting for abortion rights for all women.

KiranjitKiranjit  – an Indian Hindu, was subjected to 10 years of extreme domestic violence, then imprisoned for three years after killing her husband. The pressures placed upon her in her marriage and her initial silence, stemmed from a particular interpretation of her cultural framework.

DenaDena – a Sephardi Jew, was prevented as a child from making choices or having her own friends, unlike her brothers.  She refused to conform to her father’s rigid view of how she must lead his way of life and was made an outcast by her family.

KulwinderKulwinder – an Indian Sikh, had a strong creative spirit seen as a problem by her family. They married her as a very young girl to a stranger and sent her alone overseas to a domineering husband. It took much courage and support for her to re-make her life.